All my monkeys

Billy's birthday was yesterday. For the best gift ever, we bought him tickets to see a Tennesee football game on Oct. 10. It was so nice to see him surprised and excited. He later confessed that it's probably the best gift anyone has given him (and he grew up on the side of a mountain so that's probably true.) ;)

Bella spent most of the afternoon singing one of the three Happy Birthday songs she knows. There's "Happy birthday, happy birthday, happy happy birthday to you," a fun mix up of the tradition "Happy Birthday" song that plays when you hit the balloon Billy's coworkers gave him, and then the traditional song.

Because it was also Javi's third day of excellent behavior, we modified the words for him. "Happy third day, happy third day, happy happy third day to you." I think you can imagine the level of breaking it down the child experienced between cake, ice cream, and such fun praise.

In total, it was a quiet(ish) celebration with just us and Billy's parents, but we really had a good time together. I am so blessed to have this man and my children to call mine.

Happy 36th birthday, babe!


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