Three days

At 2:50 pm every day this week, Javier has come flying through the door waving around a yellow card. On it was a column of 1s. Translation = A full school day of excellent behavior.

We need a moment of silence in appreciation of this monumental feat: three whole days of excellent behavior.

I need to say it again: After 3 weeks of horrible behavioral reports, phone calls from the teacher, and a disappointing progress report .... JAVI HAS HAD THREE GREAT DAYS.

We have whooped and clapped and hugged and danced with and for him. We've given high fives, hair tousles, and the choice of his favorite dinner/dessert/organ if he ever needs one. He got special cuddly time and a thirty-minute-long made-up story from his dad last night that kept him up past bedtime. In sum, the child has been at the top of Santa's good list for the past three days.

And I'm so proud. Hesitant, but proud. I don't know what switch flipped in him, but his teacher called me last night to discuss it and we talked for more than an hour (with both of our kids winding around our legs and begging for our attention) about what it could mean. Maybe he's maturing. Maybe his meds are working again (after feeling like they'd given up the ghost). Maybe the new classroom arrangement works better for him. Maybe he's "getting it."

I don't know what it is and I was raised not to look a gift horse in the mouth. So I'm going to go give another high five and dance around some more and give up some more thanks that this boy who works so hard to be "good" finally has a reason to celebrate.


  • Sharon

    And now I must say....

    YIPEE! That is awesome! It must give you a lot of hope to know that three days are even a possibility.

    I'm dancing the happy dance for you and the little man!

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