GTT: All the crafty ladies

I hear other folks talking (or blogging) about baking this or spray painting that and my eyeballs roll out of my head. Not in exasperation, though. Nope - it's complete and utter jealousy because not once do I look at a thrift store lamp and imagine a modern piece of art. I don't have flour in my cabinets and can't tell you the difference between baking powder and baking soda (except that I use one to clean gunky stuff).

But I do love the look and feel of a DIY project. I have an entire closet slam full of paper crafting supplies, like stamps, ink pads, brush markers, eight different types of scissors, two different paper cutters, a heat gun, a glue gun, thread, yarn, 8 kabillion doodads and brads, acrylic blocks, stickers, and a selection of papers to rival any craft store.

And yet. I've completed four scrapbook pages and a smattering of greeting cards (made in a rush right before I need to give them). I have begun to enjoy making bookmarks and gift bags, but only with 18 hours of a gift-giving occasion. When I do sit down to make a paper craft, I get lost in it. Time passes and my tailbone aches, but I have the hyperfocus of an expert.

But I'm not an expert. I'm fumbling around in this vast and overwhelming arena of Crafty without so much as a lackluster guide. There are no memories of sitting in awe of my mom or grandmother as they whip nothing into Something Beautiful. I have nothing.

And so I stalk paper-crafting blogs and admire the cards and other items for sale on etsy. I dream about having the superpower that allows me to conjure up exactly what I want when I want it for a card or layout. I wistfully imagine how life would be different if I had the organizational ability to plan my crafts instead of piecing together my "masterpiece" from what I have.

So you can understand why my jealously cuts so deeply and why I am issuing a warning to all the crafty ladies out there: I'm watching you with dark, covetous eyes and my black, bitter heart.


  • Chibi

    Oh, man! The *second* I start looking at other people's greeting cards, I get so intimidated and feel so under par that I end up with a mine-aren't-good-enough block (hence my year+ gap in card making). I used to do it for "ideas" and "inspiration," but it just made me feel inferior. :-s

  • Heather of the EO

    I'm right there with you. I can be so creative, but that particular creative side of my (crafty) is filled with mush. It blows my mind when people can conjure up what they do. So yeah, I'm jealous with you :)

  • Robin

    What is the difference between a heat gun and a glue gun??

  • Moore Minutes

    That Queen tag is awesome, love it! I always loved seeing amazing scrapbook pages! BUT I've never EVER finished a scrapbook before. :( Good job for getting 3 done, I'm impressed.

  • Moore Minutes

    ALSO...off topic but I think I forgot to thank you for commenting on my featured post at la dolce vita! I so appreciate it. And I completely agree...reading Gone with the Wind is SO much better than just watching the movie.

  • Kelly Miller

    Robin - a glue gun heats gets glue super hot, etc. A heat gun/tool focuses hot air on a specific spot. I use it for setting embossing powder and adding texture to the edges of basic papers. It's pretty cool!

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