GTT: Smelly-good

Here's what you know if you want to live with me: Smells are not my friend.

Billy tries to wear cologne, put scented powders on the carpet before vacuuming (yes, he vacuums, and yes, he's mine), use scented plug-ins, burn scented candles or oils.... And each time, I give him a lecture. Because smells make my head hurt, badly. I aim for zero smells at all or I face a horrible headache that could last days.

But there are certain scents that I want to snuggle up inside: freshly cut grass, hair that's newly dyed, a recently washed body, onions cooking on the stove, cinnamon and orange peel simmering in boiled water, my babies' sweaty necks.

I also love the fall and the smells it brings with it. Harvesty, spicy, comforting smells like pumpkin, apple, something baking. My favorite Christmas ornament is a gingerbread man Javi made that smells like it was dusted in cinnamon. Unwrapping it makes me feel calm and safe.

But the smell that I absolutely love -- and which may mean I'm crazy -- my husband. No cologne, freshly washed or not. When I was pregnant and my sense of smell skyrocketed (making us all miserable), I used to make him take his shirt off so that I could nestle against him and inhale his natural scent.

Maybe it's phermones? Whatever the case, anytime I'm really stressed or feeling headachey, I can get instant relief from taking in a deep breath of Billy.

What smells do you love?


  • Anonymous

    onions in butter is such a homey smell. and sweaty baby necks make me want to kiss their cheeks! so sweet!

  • Diane

    Oh, gingerbread baking in the oven always smells so good. I'm with you as far as strong smells go. I prefer for my house to smell like as much NOTHING as possible. I don't use candles or air fresheners. I only use unscented laundry detergents and no fabric softener. I do like cologne, though, but only sometimes because it irritates my nose.

  • j.sterling

    smells are not my friend either! omg, i dislike practically everything! well, i can't stand flowery smells, or perfumes, or anything super strong- it gives me instant headaches. some food smells too kill me.

    but i love love love cinnamon.. and coconut (especially suntan lotion- that's probably where the love for the smell started int he first place).. some colognes. and this one candle from yankee candle that i can't get enough of. it's like midnight summer or midnight moon or some shit- but it's the bomb to my senses. also lavender in small doses. :)

  • Melissa Dominic

    I can never get into food smells, I dunno what everyone is talking about! hahah

  • Vic

    I hate those scented plug-ins - they made me want to heave even before I got pregnant. My mum always has them running and the first thing I do when I walk through the door is unplug them!

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