Fun Music For Kids (& Giveaway)!

I chuckle when I hear parents proclaim themselves "kid music free" or brag about how their kids never listen to kids music, preferring instead to jam out to hipster rock. I am not one of those parents.

Not only does Bella have her own playlist on my iPod, but it's full of Yo Gabba Gabba, Sesame Street, Ralph's World, Barenaked Ladies, Laurie Berkner, and theme songs. I know every song word for word and often jam right along with Bella. There are a few songs I prefer above others. 21 Raisins and Rhyming Circus are my favorites, while Bella could listen to Elmo's Song 18 million trillion times and still beg for "again!" I hear that song in my sleep sometimes... and not in the good dreams.

So I was pleasantly surprised and interested when Miss Amy asked me if I'd review "I Wanna Know How It Works," a CD for preschoolers aimed at getting them up and active while also introducing them to different instruments and types of music. I wasn't sure what to expect from an singer/songwriter who is also a fitness instructor, but I wasn't disappointed.

The first few tracks on the CD didn't suck my kids in, but I have a two year old and an eight year old. Those first few tracks are solid preschool (think, ages 3-6). Once we got into the heart of the CD, though, I had two head bobbers in the back seat (though Javi didn't want me to see him liking the "baby music").

After listening to the CD several times, we have three stand-out favorites (and, yes, I said "we" -- these songs are fun!): Weights & Measures, Hippity Hop Rabbit, and Go Joe. I love how each of these songs gets my kids moving, giggling, and interacting with the song. For instance, in "Go Joe," Miss Amy's dog gets off his leash, causing lots of chaos. Little Bella scolds that puppy every time and laughs as he gets into trouble.

Bottom line: While not every song is a hit, the majority of the songs on this CD are perfect for your preschooler (or toddler or older child). I plan to put it on rotation at my nephew's birthday party as I know it'll get the kids moving and keep them out of trouble. I'm also thinking of letting Bella's daycare borrow it for this week's Music Friday.

Best part: Miss Amy didn't send me one CD -- she sent me two! That means I have one to share with YOU!!!! This is my very first giveaway and I'm so happy that it is something that my kids and I enjoy so much. Here are all the ways you can enter:

1. Go to the CD site and listen to the song snippets. Then come back here and leave a comment telling me which song on the album you think your kids will like best.

2. Tweet about this giveaway with a link back to this post. (You can use this if you'd like: I just entered a cool music giveaway for kids from @millermix http://trunc.it/2jht4!)

3. Become a follower of my blog.

4. Subscribe to my RSS feed.

Make sure you let me know all the ways you entered (in separate comments) so that you get credit for each entry! This giveaway will end on Tuesday, Oct. 20!


  • Katie Jones

    Entry #1 for Katie Anne and Me...

    I listened to almost all of the song snippets on the website... I have to agree that Hippity Hop Rabbit sounds like fun! I also like the jazzy element of The Planetary Spin, though.


  • Katie Jones

    Entry #2 for Katie Anne and Me...

    I just tweeted:
    I just entered a cool CD giveaway for kids - @millermix http://trunc.it/2jht4!


  • Katie Jones

    Entry #3 for Katie Anne and Me...

    I'm already a follower of your blog!

    Hooray - hope we win! We are sadly short on kids CD's.

  • Sharon G

    Entry #1 for Hannah and I-

    It wa s atough call, but I think that Hannah would like "Go Joe"...I mean, who doesn't love to bark along with music??

  • Sharon G

    Entry #2 for Hannah and I-

    I am already a follower of your blog!!! Woohoo!!!

  • Sharon G

    Entry #3-

    I don't use RSS feeds too much, but I did subscribe!!!

    (By the way, our dining room table was unfinished, and I stained it that color...how cool that ours look so much alike!?! Great minds...right??)

  • Moore Minutes

    How fun! A giveaway. :D My kids would like The Rabbit Hippity Hop one I'm sure.

  • Moore Minutes

    I'm a happy follower too!

  • Unknown

    Love your blog, Kelly! I think my girls would like Dancing on a Rainbow the most. :-)

  • Mrs.Daley

    Hi, Kelly! I definitely think Rosie would like the Dancing on a Rainbow song the most. It sounds catchy and has almost a celtic fiddle sound to it. Being a little Irish girl, how could little Rosie resist?

  • Rachael

    Hi Kelly! Great blog! I think my girls would like the Gandy Dancer song because they love trains and train sounds.

  • Melissa

    My kids would love Dancing on a Rainbow.

  • Melissa

    And I just tweeted and I follow your RSS feed via Google. (I promise I'm not a stalker!)

  • Kelly Miller

    Thanks to everyone for entering the giveaway! I just ran the numbers through Random.org and commenter #9 - Rachel - is the winner!

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