Do you see what time it is?

5:10 am. In the morning.


And I'm up. Not because I have some new found willpower to move my sluggish body out of the bed, but because I haven't laid down yet.

I woke up at 9 am yesterday morning, worked fast and furiously on deadlines until 2 pm, cleaned the kitchen and living room until 3 pm, sat down to watch a DVRed show with Billy at 4 pm, walked around the neighborhood with Javi and the As at 5:30 pm, sat down to dinner at 6:30 pm, and played with the kids until they went to bed at 9 pm.

And then.

I must've lost my mind. I decided I simply had to catch up on my messageboard (which lasted until after midnight). Then I felt compelled to read the 87 blog entries that had piled up in my reader since Tuesday (lasted until 2 pm).

And at the unreasonable hour of half past crazy, I finally opened Quark and began layout. And I had to write at least five news bits to fill up the layout. And then there was the table of contents, which is still a bear despite my having automated it when I was hired for this contract).

There you have it. I procrastinate so hard and so badass that it is now 5:15 am and I'm sitting here, awake but dogass tired, unsure whether I should try to sleep for the 2 hours until Bella wakes up (thank the heavens Billy gets Javi ready and on the bus by 7:20).

One day I'll learn ... right?


  • Moore Minutes

    Wow! I hope you're sleeping at this very second. It sounds like you got a lot done though. 87 new blog posts to read is A LOT though, lol.

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