WFMW: Removing ink stains

My countertops are this ugly ivory color from circa 1985 that soaks up the color of anything you put on it. I get so stressed out over who left what on them, will it stain, and how to get that stain out. I can't tell you how many ink stains I've wound up with from someone leaving a cereal box or plastic bag on my counter (before I outlawed plastic bags).

But now I have a secret weapon. Isopropyl alcohol! Billy made me my own squirt bottle to keep on our window sill. I break it out everytime someone messes with my counters (including when my sister leaves her receipts in the puddle of water left from washing dishes or Javi decides to write a card to his father using a Sharpie and no buffer layer).

You have to try it. It dissolves any ink stain and then evaporates. Easy peasy! This works for me -- what works for you?


  • Kim

    I feel your pain -- my counter tops are WHITE and the next big project I plan to tackle in my renovation goals!

    What I found that works on everything and makes them white again after something soaks in a stain is Chlorox Clean Up! I spray it on and let it sit a minute or so and then wipe it up and stain is gone!!!

  • Wanda

    Fabulous idea.
    I have had several ink accidents with clothing!
    Very sad.
    Hairspray helps that.

  • Susan Berlien

    Hey thanks for the tip. I have ivory counter tops too...but I think mine are from the 70's....they have some gold flecks. ha! gotta love it!

  • Rachel

    I have a similar counter issue... We use Bon Ami or Bar Keeper's Friend and it gets most any stain out. I thought you might find that helpful... :)

  • momstheword

    I have tile counters, nothing stains those. However, I did have rust stains (from a can) I couldn't get out until I used baking soda and vinegar on it.

    I also have diced onions in my freezer, along with the green peppers. Making fajitas is going to be so much faster now!

  • Kelly Miller

    The bottoms of cans are another of my arch nemeses (along with the cereal boxes and plastic bags). I'm enjoying stocking my clean-counter arsenal with more tricks!

  • Susannah

    Also known as rubbing alcohol, right? What a great idea... will keep it in mind. :~D

    e-Mom @ Susannah's Aprons

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