My autobiography

It's day 3 of the Great Books Week Blog Tour.

I’d write my autobiography, but I don’t need to,
because my story has already been told in…
I think the main reason The Outsiders has always resonated with me is because I identify so closely with the themes it tackles. Growing up, I was the "good child" of a single, working mom who struggled to support three overly sensitive and complicated girls without so much as a dime in child support. We were different and the society we lived in (semi-rural Southern country town) never let us forget it.
When I read The Outsiders, I knew that all that it didn't matter. The bigger picture far outweighed the meaningless, catty, elitist bullshit. I was who I was and people could accept me or bugger off. I still abide by that philosophy and it has shaped my life into one that makes me happy.


  • Cheryl

    I love this. I think this was the autobiography for a lot of the students I taught. This was a question I just couldn't answer. Maybe that means I need to write it? LOL

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