QOTD: Precious gold

Scene: Billy, my sister (who's living with us for a while), Bella, and I were sitting in the living room. I was trying to tame Bella's curly* hair so that we could head out for kid's night at a local restaurant as we do every Monday night. Everyone else was lying around as if the Dinner Fairy was due any minute. Ehem.

In trots Javi.

J: Mama, is that your jewelry in the bathroom?

Me: I have jewelry in the bathroom.

J: Is it the gold jewelry on sink?

Ashley: No, Javi, that's mine. Why?

J: It's precious gold. I need it.

Ashley: What?

J: I need that precious gold to send in for money. I saw it on tv. It said send in all your precious gold. Can I have it?

Ashley: Uh, it's not real gold.

J: Is it precious?

Ashley: No, buddy. It's not precious.

J: Oh. When you get some precious gold, let me know, okay?

Ashley: Will do.


Scene: Bella was lying across the back of the couch wearing nothing but a diaper. She spotted the DVD liner for Elmo's Potty Time, a remnant leftover from a whopping full-month of potty trained Bella.

B: I wan watch dat Ahmo Pahty Time.

Me: Daddy's watching football. Want to read this instead?

B: Okay. Dat Ahmo!

Me: Yep, and what's this (pointing at a roll of toilet paper).

B: Dat's papeh towdyels fah wipin' mah bud!

Me: (suppressing laughter) Good job, that's right. It's toilet paper.

B: Not toedit papeh. It papeh towdyels. I no wipin my bud and my sheesetake wid dat papeh towdyels, Mama. I not!

Me: I know you're not.

B: I wipin yo bud?

Me: No, I wipe my own butt.

B: I wipin yo sheesetake?

Me: Nope, I do that, too.

B: Dat okay, Mama. Javi said I wipin his bud yestahday.


(No worries, Javi had no idea what Bella was talking about. There's really no telling.)


  • JennyMac

    fah wipin' mah bud!

    LOL! We have a two year old so we have all kinds of humorous potty related convos.

  • Issa

    sheesetake???? I would like translation please? ;)

  • Kelly Miller

    Jenny: I love the potty humor. I'll miss it when she gets older and doesn't make unintentionally funny butt comments.

    Issa: Sheesetake = Cheesecake, which is what we call private areas. Bella likes to run naked while clutching her bum and yelling "You no gonna get my sheestake!" Javi told his friend very seriously this past weekend, "Change in the bathroom. I do not want to see your cheesecake."

  • Cheryl

    LOL! Kids are a constant source of entertainment. :)

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