Fast friends

My little one is a bit on the petite side, but we tend to forget that she's small thanks to the force and viciousness of her personality. It's not until I see her next to other children her age that I remember she's my baby nugget.

Okay, to be fair, this kid is effing huge. He was born May 1 (and our Bella was born April 3) of 2007, which makes him 29 months old (and Bella 30 months old). However, while she needs a belt and a biscuit to fit in some 24 months sizes (and usually wears 18 month sizes), litle NicNic here is wearing 4T clothes and size 10 shoes.

NicNic is a gentle giant who stares at me with big piercing blue eyes when I address him directly or try to make him interact with me. Bella is a preening butterfly who smiles so hard it looks like her face might crack. And yet when they play together, they are a matched set.


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