Winner, winner chicken din--- what?!

Just when you thought we couldn't get anymore ridiculous ... my mountain man brought home an adult Rhode Island Red today. And then he built a coop for our broilers under the deck. Classy!

Meet Fancy. Her full name is Here's-your-last-chance-Fancy-don't-let-me-down
Chickalicious Miller. Bella (of a fish named Barbie-in-the-Nutcracker fame) came
up with the first name and Javi supplied the middle. Obviously.
Please, please, please don't let it smell forever.
In less mountain-y news, we have a winner!

Congratulations, Shannon! Send me your contact information (kelly at themillermix dot com) and I'll forward it on to Mindy at Cuddles from Home. She ships fast, so you'll have your pillow and blanket set in no time.

But there's a little something for everyone ... drumroll ... Mindy has offered to give all giveaway entrants 10 percent off their entire order just for being so sweet about her beautiful products! To take advantage of the discount, use the link I'm sending to each of your email inboxes. (If you don't hear from me, that means I don't have your email address and you need to contact me at the address above.)

Thanks again for entering! And if you see the MM any time soon, please remind him we don't live on a farm!


  • Hyacynth

    Chickens under your deck?! Now that IS classy. :) I wish I had chickens under my deck ... fresh eggs.

  • Anonymous

    You're acquiring quite the collection of chickens there Kelly. Your new RIR is perty!

    Good luck with all your new feathered friends, congratulations to the winner and YAY to Mindy for giving 10% off to the giveaway participants. :)

  • ShannonL

    Wow, a chicken coop under the deck?! Too funny! It will be great to have all those fresh eggs! :-)

    YAY, me! So excited for my win. I'll send you my address now. Thanks!!!

  • TKW

    Fancy looks quite...delicious?

  • C (Kid Things)

    So... they're pets? You're not going to... eat them? I remember when I was a little, there was a house up on the hill past my parents house that had a chicken coop. My brother and I thought it was the weirdest thing at the time. It's not quite so weird now.

  • Stacia

    Yay, Shannon! (And welcome, Fancy, to the Miller Mix family) =>

  • Unknown

    I love Fancy with her big long name : ) How cool is that?

  • Jami

    I love it! (sorry) I love chickens. Ok, maybe not the smell.

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