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Something happens to you when you get chickens. You construct elaborate coops that you decorate with flowers and watering cans and signs as though what's living inside that structure is your sweet little granny and not a dirty creature that eats its own poop (and would pick through yours if you'd let it).

You bond with your little creatures. You give them names (like Maisy, Lulu, and Stella) and hunt down worms and grasshoppers to hand feed them because you love how they follow you around and flap up to meet you when your hand comes near. If you let them, your children will develop such a close bond with your chickens that you often find them doing crazy things you never thought you'd see (such as sitting half naked beside a chicken feeding it flowers).

And the worst thing you do? Is get more chickens. Because three isn't enough. So you agree to raise five more. In our case, the five new biddies are short-term visitors (that we can't name) who we'll show at the fair and then promptly give back for "harvesting." You can guess what that means.

But you take them because for those short 6 or 7 weeks, you can give them a little taste of freedom and health they'd never experience at the factory.

And, yes, you can expect lots more photos of children being weirdly comfortable with animals not meant to be pets. What else would you expect? Especially since, weeks and weeks ago, we brought home these little friends who've changed our entire perspective on ... pretty much everything.

(Yes, that is the same chicken as she's feeding in the first picture. Stella, our black star. Can you believe how fast she's grown?)

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  • TKW

    Look at that Chicken Love going on there!! Those pictures are keepers...she's got a nurturing heart, that girl.

  • Unknown

    love the picture story! i so want chickens but its not allowed...just a couple more years and I am moving out of this restrictive neighborhood!

  • Safire

    Wow that chicken grew fast! Loved seeing the pictures.

  • The Drama Mama

    Wow, they grow quickly!! I love the picture of how dedicated she is to them. It's awesome.

  • Stacia

    Oh, I hate the "harvesting" part! Poor chickens. At least you and Bella are giving them some good old-fashioned TLC while you can.

  • Dumb Mom

    It is funny how attached we get to animals. We, and by we I pretty much just mean I, fell in love with three WILD baby birds who were pushed out of the nest into my yard. I was obsessed with those little creeps for the couple of days they were here. Not sure why, but it happened. At least you got to name yours and feed them and stuff.

  • Justine

    Oh I so adore the pics of your kids with the chicks.

    Hey, it rhymed!

  • Bibliomama

    How lovely. We were just talking about the controversy about whether people can keep chickens here. I'm for it.

  • ChefDruck

    I love these chicken pics! One of my Columbus friends (Rachel Tayse Bailleuil of hounds in the kitchen) just got some this Spring. We couldn't wait to head over and meet them. They were so fluffy yet so fierce. I was just disappointed not to get a decadently fresh sunny side up egg for lunch.
    Have yours started producing?

  • Maxabella

    Ah, I just love this... the first part. The second part is a little bit sad, but who am I to be hypocritical, I love to eat chicken. I think it's fab that you've taken in these littleuns to give them a taste of the good life while they're here.

    I am slowly getting myself organised to get our own chickens. It's so hard for me to get projects going because of my zero time factor. But I will get there. x

  • BigLittleWolf

    Maisy, Lulu, and Stella. This "cracked" me up. (Egg-ceptional pictures!)

  • Draft Queen

    Aw! I grew up on a farm of sorts. We had ducks, chickens, turkeys (briefly- those things are MEAN!) cows, goats, pigs and the normal dogs and cats.

    Have fun with your chickens!

  • Cheri

    This would have been a great project for my kids - I have one teen who is deathly afraid of anything with wings - birds, flying insects, even butterflies! Maybe I need to get her a pet caterpillar....

    Bella is absolutely adorable feeding the chickens.

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