The magic of bubbles

Have you ever been just out and about in your life and randomly stumble upon something majestic and mind blowing? Such is life in my small town, where you can be minding your business one minute and popping car-sized bubbles the next.

Magical (even when you only have a broke down camera phone to capture it with).

***This post is part of Wordful Wednesday and Wayback When-esday.***


  • allison

    I think bubbles should be used in therapy regularly. Once in university on a crappy day we sat out on the porch of our house and blew bubbles. It totally is magical.

  • Justine

    The bubbles alone make me adore your small town. I’ve forgotten about its magic for years until my daughter’s own obsession with them these days. And I find myself mesmerized by their iridescence and ephemeral qualities all over again.

  • Cheri

    I love bubbles - how do you get them that big? And what did Bella think of that???

  • Cheryl Lage

    Oh.My.Gosh! HUGEST bubbles EVER!

    And actually, I kind of like the effects of the phone camera! ;)

    Thank you so much for going Way Back this When-esday! ;)

  • The Drama Mama

    WOW now THATS what I call a bubble!!

  • Unknown

    Very magical indeed!

  • Rudri

    Too cool. I love these ordinary moments that are unexpected.

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