It's football

Mom is anxious and stressed and worried. Child is excited and proud and buzzing with energy. So much energy that he can't sleep. Because it's football.

And therefore, I just laugh at things like this:

Mountain man: Why are you walking like that?
Javi: It's hard to walk with my cup!
MM: Dude. I've told you 18 times you don't need to wear your cup yet. Go take it off.
Javi: I can't take it off. I need it for my diamonds!
Me: Your diamonds?
Javi: Yeah. Dad calls them my bait and tackle, but I call them my diamonds. Because they're precious.

And this:

Me: So how was practice?
Javi: It was great. But all the other guys were wearing checker boxers and I'm wearing Batman boxer briefs.
Me: Did that bother you?
Javi: Yes! We'd better get some checker ones for me to wear. I think they're part of my uniform.

From what they tell me, it's football.

***This post is part of Wordful Wednesdays.***


  • Jami

    He looks adorable! Umm.. I mean tough!

  • debi9kids

    OMGOSH! Bait & Tackle and Diamonds! LOL

    Cracks me up the words my boys use to describe their "packages" ;)

    Good luck to your boy!

  • heather@actingbalanced.com

    I'm so glad we're not old enough for football... maybe t-ball or soccer next year... love the diamond convo though... will be great fodder at his wedding ;)

  • Caroline Ross

    Thank you for the laughs!

  • Heather of the EO

    OMG, what a great kid.

    His DIAMONDS...boys are so hilarious.

  • Corinne Cunningham

    That is too funny! Love the diamonds comment :)

  • Tiffany

    that is cute and hilarious!!

  • becca

    So So So sweet and hysterical! His diamonds. That's priceless. I am PRAYING Luke doesn't want to play football... it's just not in me to deal with the worries that go along with it.

  • Rudri

    Too cute. And the diamond comments had me laughing out loud.

  • Bibliomama

    Yep -- protect the diamonds at all cost. One year all the boys in Angus's class were calling it a wiener, and one kid actually told his Mom, who was calling it, you know, a p*enis, to 'come on, Mom, use the right word'.

  • Justine

    LOL. He's a funny boy. Football is one of the reasons I'm thankful I have a girl. I wouldn't know what to do with a kid and football.

  • C (Kid Things)

    LOL, seriously. I'm laughing out loud. His diamonds! Oh, man.

  • amber_mtmc

    Hehe! Hilarious!

    Hey, at least he's having fun, right?! : )

  • The Drama Mama

    Diamonds? Bwahahahaha. I love the pictures. Javi's so funny!

  • Cheryl

    This had me LOL. Love your new (to me) blog design!

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