A few moments out of a lifetime of moments

Just when I thought the summer was a wash of meetings and deadlines and children screaming at each other because "you're looking at me!" but "no, you're looking at me!" .... we've had a few surprises.

Like this from Here's-your-one-chance-Fancy-don't-let-me-down. (And, yes, we did sing The Circle of Life as the Mountain Man ate his first egg from our backyard):

And finding Bella with blue, purple, and peach tiger stripes (somebody found her mother's rarely used makeup):

And this moment of pure summer lovin' for my Javinator:

Summer is just a few months in a year, a few hot and sticky and busy months that require more juggling and patience from me. And that's okay.

***This post is part of !!!/!!! and Feel Good Friday.***


  • Sarah @ Momalom

    Don't get me sad that summer is ending. Sigh. Okay, I'm sad. It's gonna go. And I'll be left with that feeling that I didn't do enough, didn't make enough moments for my kids to hold on to.

    But if I'm smart enough, I'll look back at my !!! posts and remember...remember that the moments are there whether I make them or not. And, for the 100 photos I've captured there were a thousand more that went by without a camera pointed to take notice.


  • Unknown

    summer for me is my husband complaining all the time about the heat so I am ready for it be over but I love living through everyone elses pictures.

  • C (Kid Things)

    My oldest spent the morning screaming because his sister dared follow him around our house. Our house is tiny, there really wasn't many other places she could go. Good times. I keep reminding myself that school starts on Monday. Starts on Monday...

  • Dalia - Gen X Mom

    Still loving all your pictures! I don't want summer to end and yes, despite all the chaos!

  • ck

    Damn. "Circle of Life" is now stuck in my head. Damn. Damn. Damn. Wait...hold on a sec...no, it's still there. Damn.

    PS: Bella makes a lovely tiger.

  • Draft Queen

    Don't let summer end! I'm not ready for the cold!

  • Moore Minutes

    Ok, the make up is SO FUNNY!! LOL And I know I've told you this before but I LOVE LOVE the name Bella. If I had a little girl I would name her Bella. <3

  • TKW

    Ah, little girls and makeup--they just can't resist! Glad Fancy is earning her keep! Every time you post chicken pictures, I grin at the screen like a dork.

  • Madison

    Your Feel Good Friday made me smile; thanks for sharing

  • The detail oriented party planner and mother of a A.D.H.D son

    yes, sweet summer is almost over.. I dont' know if I am sad.. or excited..

  • Anonymous

    Ok the makeup pic is priceless!!!!

  • The Drama Mama

    Amen. Ours is winding down and out as Jellybean's mood medication ran out a week before her doc appt. Lovely, eh? But still, it's our summer and we are making the most of it. Looks like you guys are too.

  • Jami

    Yay for real, natural eggs with no chemicals!!!! I love it!

  • Rudri

    Love the makeup moment and you are right - summer is just a few months a year. It is a time of exuberance and the kids seem to be radiating, the smiles never coming off their faces.

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