!!!: This much I know

Most days I forget about grace,
take stock of others' mistakes, and
judge their challenges as character flaws.
Those days are hard battles lost
in a furious swirl of disappointment.
But this much I do know:

I have given my daughter freedom
to dream and create and be
herself -- without any worry of judgment.

I have given my son space
and time to figure himself out
and learn that he is an artist
and an athlete and a friend --
to his sister, to his peers --
even when people say hurtful things.

I judge and condemn and condescend.
But there is hope for me.
It shines and shimmers each day:
watching my children's strong, soaring hearts,
seeing my children navigate rough waters --
all without losing a shred of grace.
Hope. For me. And for you.

***This post is part of !!!, Feel Good Friday, and Six Word Fridays.***


  • ck

    to dream and create and be

    That is such an amazing gift.

  • TKW

    Hope for all of us...beautiful.

  • Alita

    Such wonderful gifts. I'm more at peace after reading this. Thanks!

  • Angelia Sims

    I love this and the photos are perfect. All these things given from your heart to theirs in love.

    Stopping by from Feel Good Friday.

  • Kelly Miller

    Thanks ladies. I learn so much from them, most especially about how to be a good-at-heart person. The lesson is slowly sinking in.

  • melissa

    Hope and grace, all right there.

    Lovely. (Okay, that's only one word...)

  • Belinda Munoz + The Halfway Point

    Oh, such beauty and important lessons.

  • kari

    Gorgeous poem. Thank you. And thank you kids!

  • Anonymous

    From our children, we learn much!

  • Anonymous

    So beautifully said. I too find hope in myself through my daughter.

  • cj Schlottman

    I feel the love and commitment in your heart. Your beautiful words mirror the photos of your beautiful little ones.


  • Maddy

    Thank you for the lovely comment on my interview on Life with Kaishon!

    What a beautiful gift you're giving your children...the freedom to be themselves and accepted just as they are! Many are not so fortunate :o)

  • Unknown

    they really are so darn cute! i love seeing fun pics like that.

    you are a wonderful momma!

  • Rudri

    Love the words and sentiment in this piece. Lovely.

  • Justine

    Yes! This is what we all need to do. We want so much for them and so we try to teach them and provide for them what we can, but in so doing, sometimes we lose sight of the fact that these aren't just lessons for children. They're for all of us.

    Thank you for this. Great post!

  • Unknown

    Oh my goodness. I love this.
    I need to show grace as well.
    Your children are so beautiful. So very, very beautiful!

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful, Kelly!

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