Stating the obvious

I took my baby girl to the park last week while her brother was playing at a friend's house. This wouldn't be a momentous event except that I've been overwhelmed lately and park-going has suffered. As in, we haven't been back since. But, obviously, park-going belongs on the agenda.



Bella loves the hell out of it (especially that she gets to ride her bike there and back). We shall do it more often (even if it kills me).

***This post is part of the 30-minute blog challenge, Wordful Wednesday, and Wayback When-esday.***


  • XmasDolly

    Well, she's just a little cutie pie lovin' life! Have a great day! Already following you.

  • Kelly Miller

    Thanks, Dolly. Did you notice her shoes on the wrong feet? She does it every time. That's my favorite part of her little cute self right now. :)

  • Faythe

    what a cutey! the top pic is my favorite, she has that determined look! Faythe @GMT

  • Unknown

    Oh my goodness she is so cute. I heart her : )

    Kaishon and Naji just told me tonight that I was a bad mom because I took them to the park too much and they wanted to go to Chuck E. Cheese more. I told them the park was free and Chuck was not : )

  • Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith

    Very cute! Yesterday, my five year old told me "Mommy, it's too hot to go to the park."
    Is it Fall yet?

  • Kelly Miller

    @Mary - her outfit belies the season. It's hot as Hades out there, but she insisted on those leggings and I saw no point in arguing. We were lucky to have a breeze.

    @Faythe - yes, she had her mind set on riding that bike without any help from me. Such classic behavior from our Meanie Weenie!

  • debi9kids

    what a cutie! Loving the first photo. Her facial expression is fantastic and SO typical of a toddler girl who knows what she wants. LOL

  • Steph

    Love her pig tails! She is just adorable.

  • Cheri

    Bella is such a free spirit - gotta love that in a little girl! And enjoy the park while you can - she'll outgrow it all too soon and you'll miss those summer days when entertainment and pure bliss was free. Just sayin'.

  • ShannonL

    LOVE her! :-)
    She reminds me of my Miss M... loves the park and loves riding her bike there. And you remind me of me... not having the time (or energy?) to take her there often enough. But you're right, park-going *does* belong on the agenda. I'm going to try a little harder starting this weekend!

  • Justine

    You know I'm so jealous of her pigtails. She is just too cute.

    Little Miss enjoys the park too but since we don't get much time on weekdays, it's usually something we do on weekends only. Her daycare has an outdoor playground, so I don't feel like I'm depriving her. Yet it would be nice to see her play with abandon like she does at the park more often.

  • Traci66

    My little man loves the park too. We don't go often enough either. But we do play at the playground at camp. I would love to share my WW post with you.

  • Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys

    The first picture is priceless!!

  • Rudri

    I love the hand on the hip and the accompanying face with it. Reminds me of my own daughter.

  • TKW

    I adore that last picture of her feisty little butt, riding away.

  • Anonymous

    I long to live near a park that we can walk to. It's one of my only regrets with where we chose to live.

    She's darling and your photos just feel of adventure.

  • Kelly Miller

    Our park is actually part of the housing projects up the street and around the corner. One of the perks of living near subsidized housing! ;)

  • Cheryl Lage

    Dear heaven the personality of that girl just leaps off the screen! What a doll....and yes, you will HAVE to do the park more often if the result is a collection of shots (and memories) like these!

    Thank you so much for playing along with Way Back When-esday, Kelly!

  • Nina

    oh how great that you let her put her shoes on her wrong feet, I need to be more relaxed like that.

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  • amber_mtmc

    I LOVE parks. Except for when it's a million plus degrees outside then I HATE them.

  • suzannah | the smitten word

    so stinkin' cute on that lil bike!

  • Jami

    Ahh! I finally got over here on a real computer. My e-reader is not the same (no pics!) Bella is precious, as always. The first one is my fave with the hand on the hip! hee hee! :)

  • Hyacynth

    My little one believes that park should be a regularly scheduled part of our day, too.
    She's so cute!

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