Bella in love (Giveaway!)

Neither of my children have ever gotten attached to a lovey, despite my best efforts. Javi never even took a pacifier and Bella latches on to some objects but the love for them dies quickly.

Until now. My friend Mindy, who makes the softest and cuddliest loveys ever, found out Bella is starting pre-school this fall and sent her a handmade toddler blanket and pillow set to help make this year special. My plan was to put the set up so it'd be in perfect condition for school. Bella had other plans. She saw the gorgeous, funky pattern and had to have both the pillow and the blanket in her possession.

So began a furious hour of testing out her new must-have item. She rolled herself up in it on the floor and then she wrapped herself up to go cuddle with the Mountain Man. He suggested that we fold it up and put it up in her room and she promptly left him behind to lay by herself with her "ewaphans." And anytime any of us tried to pry her away from it, she cut us the "I will shank you" look. (Can you guess how much I got accomplished that day?!)

A week or so has passed and Bella is still attached at the hip (and shoulders and belly) with her blanket. She spreads it out for tea parties, throws the pillow down anywhere she's decided to lay her head (which includes the bathroom floor, the front porch, and the back of MM's truck), has me clamp it around her neck for a cape, and drags it behind her on her way to the car so she can cover up when she's cold (note: we live in the south, it is never cold). And, of course, there's sleeping -- and she can't do it without her ewephans.

What's really awesome is neither the pillow or the blanket looks worse for wear. In fact, you can't tell we've used them at all.... as evidenced by this little show she put on this afternoon. In an attempt to get out of naptime, she made an elaborate show of making a pallet on the floor for her and one of her monkeys. After 10 minutes of arranging the blanket just right, she snuggled up for all of 15 seconds and then insisted we start over. And you know, perhaps take some time to make a fort or maybe a dress out of her ewephans. (And, no, she did not win this battle. A nap was had.)

All of this to say, I'm really surprised and impressed by how much Bella adores her pillow and blanket. Finally, after all these years, we seem to have a lovey -- and this one she can take with her when she enters the world of pre-school. I get a little weepy knowing it'll smell like home and remind her of laid back summer days at home with her mom and brother.

I'm also really excited because Mindy has agreed to give a pillow and blanket set to one of you guys. How cool is that? I can vouch for the absolutely amazing quality of the construction and softness of the fabric with these sets. They also come in some great fabric choices and shipping is quick. I always order Mindy's loveys for my baby showers or new baby gifts, so I should've known all of this but seeing is believing. I really can't think of anything critical to say about anything she makes!

Anyway, to win a blanket and pillow set, just check out her website -- Cuddles from Home -- and check out the pillow and blanket sets. Come back here and leave a comment saying which fabric you'd like if you won (ours is purple elephants). That's it! For extra entries, you can post about the giveaway on Facebook, Twitter, or your blog (one entry each).

Thanks again to Mindy for such a generous offer. You won't be disappointed with her craftwomanship and excellent service!


  • Justine

    How cool! I love the same set Bella has. Purple elephants. Bella's the perfect model for these. I just love how she exudes her affections for them in these pics.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Jamie

    Love the Sweet Dinosaurs. And so would my little man! :)

  • Anonymous

    Gotta go with the fire trucks. So adorable! (And Bella, too.) =>

  • Owl's Nest Community

    sea turtles...love it (julie d)

  • Cheri

    The twinkle in Bella's eyes shows just how much she loves this set. It is precious. Now will she need a new set for home once this one goes to preschool? (At our preschool those were left in the classroom for the week and sent home on the weekend to be washed). I'm liking the blue & chocolate silhouette set (for my inner toddler!).

  • Jennifer

    Bella and her monkey snoozing away could be an ad...so adorable!
    I believe Hayley would love the blue/brown silhouette. (Mom would like the black and white, though!)

  • Anonymous

    Bella looks so in love with her new pillow and blanket! (I don't want to enter the giveaway though. I have some items made by Mindy and they are AWESOME!!! I want to give someone else a chance to win. I'm gonna go buy a pillow & blanket set for Miranda to take to preschool. :)

  • TKW

    What sweet pictures! I love the Carnival Bloom fabric! How nice of your friend to give Bella something special for her pre-school adventure.

  • ShannonL

    Aw, what sweet pictures!

    Wow, there are a lot of nice ones to choose from... the Cupcakes and the Carnival Bloom and cute, but I think my favourite is actually the same as Bella's - the Purple Elephants (and it matches Miss M's room the best)! :-)

    What a sweet gift for your daughter - glad she's enjoying it!

  • Anonymous

    I have ordered from Mindy for baby gifts, but haven't seen the toddler sets in action until now. Looks like Bella adores hers! I'm partial to the carnival bloom set, and I know Charlotte would be, too.

  • Crystal Mitchell

    Love it and I know Mylee will too.

  • liz

    Cupcakes! That's such a great idea, and I love how comfy it seems! Bella is loving showing it off, too!

  • Emily

    First of all, I just have to compliment you on your good taste in furniture- we have the same couch! LOL
    Secondly, my pillow/blanket pattern of choice would probably be the cupcakes also. Too darling!
    Great giveaway.

  • Jill

    I saw this on Mindy's facebook wall and just had to leave a comment. Mindy is such a gifted women! I homeschool my kids so they don't need the set for school but I could see them being a great use for family movie night or when I take my critically ill son to Hopkins. This would give children in the hospital setting a little something from home! What a great contest! So if I were choosing for my daughter it would be the Carnival Bloom Set but for my son I like both the Sea Turtles & the Avocado Stripes. I just couldn't choose one sorry!

  • Unknown

    They are all so cute. I guess Space travel would be my favorite. Can I get my ten year old a lovey? Why oh why does he keep growing? I can't really take it Kelly!

  • AisForAutism

    Cupcakes! I love Cuddles from Home!!

  • Christie Ann

    Cool vehicles, also re-posted on facebook.(http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=1810397252)

    Has she every considered making the blankets so you can add weight to them and use them as a weighted blanket for kids who have sensory processing disorder?

  • Melissa

    I am loving the purple groovy flowers and carnival bloom...must be purple for my little Violet girl!

  • Jennifer

    Wow! Seeing how much Bella loves hers makes me really want one for Rosie AND Frank! We like the light blue buble cars and the Cupcakes patterns. Wouldn't this be great for our upcoming road trip through New England?!

  • Unknown

    OOOh! I'd either go with the Light Blue Bubble Cars (for Aaron) or the Cupcakes (for Lauren!)

    Love me some CFH!!!!

  • Unknown

    This isn't an entry, just wanted to note that without seeing it first, I picked the exact same fabrics as Jennifer did for Rosie and Frankie! (bubble cars & cupcakes.) Great minds think alike!

  • Bibliomama

    I don't do giveaways -- but oh, what beautiful elephants. Almost as beautiful as the Bella under and on top of them.

  • Cuddles from Home

    Thanks for all the love! It warms my heart ot read all of these sweet comments. For those who have asked about weighted blankets, we don't offer those at this time. However, we may in the future... :)


  • Caroline Ross

    Ooooh, Lizzy-Jane loves her Lizzy-Bear, but I would love to get her something knew to love as well, as she grows up.

    I have to say, the purple ewaphans are the BEST, but I also love the Carnival Bloom and the Blue and Chocolate silhouette (if I were the two year old in question:)).

    Wow, I hope I win, I don't think I've ever won anything.

  • Lori

    Bella is adorable as always!!!! And Katy loves that Bella has a *George* as well (her BABW Monkey).
    Very cute set..... Katy likes the Cupcakes print the best.

  • Sarah E Havens

    I have to go with the blue and chocolate silhouette! All of the patterns are adorable - and the ewaphans even more so thanks to the sassy model!

  • Jack Steiner

    Very cool looking.

  • The Drama Mama

    Scooby says he wants the cool vehicles set.

  • Rudri

    Love that she adores her blanket/pillow. I think my daughter would love the blue and chocolate polka dot set.

  • Lindsay Erin

    The blue and brown one! Love it! (Lindsay Gaines)

  • karenmed409

    the girls love the Blue and Chocolate Polka Dot!

  • Nicole

    Fun! Everett already has an army of blankies he's attached to (four and counting), but we would love the Carnival Bloom set for baby girl arriving in December.

  • Jane Ridge

    My daughter has never been into lovies either. Would love to see if she would go for this. The Pink Teddy Bears is adorable.

  • logan_kristina

    Very cute!! Branson will love the race cars! Kristina Barker

  • Anonymous

    How sweet! Emi would love the Cupcake one!

  • Zhyra and Madison!

    absolutely love the purple elephants! and i think madison would love it for her new preschool too!

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