Thank Heaven for Little Boys

We invited two of Javi's friends to eat dinner with us tonight. Billy took his dinner on the couch while I sat at the table with the two boys, Javi, and Bella.

Everything was going great -- the boys were chowing down on their spaghetti, Bella was plowing through her "noonels," and I was enjoying the little boy banter -- until the subject of French kissing came up.

Yes, French kissing. Apparently, they were looking at a wrestling video on WWE.com at the boys' house (they are brothers) and there was an ad that mentioned French kissing.

I kept all comments to myself and made eye contact with Billy as we both listened carefully to what the boys thought of French kissing. Kendall said, "I saw it on the computer. It's a girl and a boy and they touch tongues!" His brother Jamison replied, "Yeah. And they have spit."

But all the shock and disgust was put to rest by my son who used his logic to explain it to everyone: "Yeah, I saw them kissing like that but it's French kissing. You can't do it unless you're French. This isn't even France!"

You're right, buddy. This isn't even France. Leave all that nasty French kissing to the folks who own it. ;)


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