It's a sad day in the celebrity circle. First, Farrah Fawcett lost her long battle with cancer with Ryan O'Neil by her side. Then Michael Jackson went into cardiac arrest, slipped into a coma, and died.

I feel horrible for Farrah and Ryan. I know they had their faults (as Tatum will attest), but it seemed like a true love story and a reconnection of souls between them. I prayed for Farrah's suffering to end, and I suppose God answered that prayer (which came from millions of us). I hope she is in a better place and that the sun is always shining on her.

I don't feel so horrible for Michael Jackson. He changed the music world and paved huge inroads for black musicians back when Thriller and Off The Wall came out. But then there was Neverland Ranch and child molestation charges and the video testimony... and it was never the same after.

I do feel horrible for his three children who have been raised in the weird shadow of this bizarre music legend. I hope that they are given the space and privacy to mourn their father and that they are able to carve out the lives they want for themselves. I hope their mother has been able to establish the loving bond with them that they'll need to get through this personal tragedy. I will always mourn for the children who lose their parents too young.

(Rest in peace all those who lost their lives today, especially those who did so while protecting our freedom abroad.)


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