Solo Vacation

I love my children. I am lucky to have them. God granted me the first when no one had any faith in my ability to raise a child and often scoffed that the job would do me in. I was then blessed with a second one despite my intense fear that having a daughter wouldn't be the plan for me. On today of all days, I find myself weepy at the thought of them -- both happy, healthy, spunky, and smart.

But that doesn't negate the overwhelming stress that falls on my shoulders every time we decide to take a vacation. If it's a family vacation, then I'm the one schlepping enough shirts, shorts, pants, undies, socks and shoes for four people; packing up the diapers and wipes; booking and paying for the room/cabin/campsite; planning and preparing all snacks and meals; cleaning up before and after; and ensuring everyone has the toys and gadgets they need. My husband and children just show up and then complain about that pesky item I forgot.

This weekend we're taking a solo vacation. You'd think the labor list would be shorter -- and it is, but not by much. For our anniversary, I booked Billy a half-day of wakeboard lessons as part of The Wilde Experience tour. Then I split lodging with our friends who are also attending. So there was the activity and the accommodations. Then it fell to me to find someone to watch both children for 3 nights, arrange pickups and dropoffs, and pack up all of their things as well as all of mine as well as our towels and toiletries.

I still have a mile-long grocery list, must clean the house and get everyone in good order before it's time to head out, and ensure Billy has what he'll need for his lessons (yes, I had to cajole him into taking his water stuffs over to the boat last night). Billy, on the other hand, just has to get dressed and leave.

Why? Why can't I ever just enjoy something? Why is it my job to make it happen, plan all the major and minor details, and then hold my breath and hope that everything goes super smoothly so I don't have to hear about what thing I didn't do right?

I suppose my point here is this: If you have a cushy life where things just seem to magically fall into place, then there is some hard-working person making it happen for you. So take a moment to offer a simple "thank you." You have no idea how far those two words will go.


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