Bella's big day!

Today was a momentous day in the life of our 2 year old.

For starters, she wore big girl panties to school and only had 1 accident ... that's for the whole day! Then, we went straight from daycare to get her hair cut and then to dinner -- and my Bell kept her panties dry. Bless the heavens for creating the travel potty seat as it saved some cute Dora panties tonight!

Also, my baby refused to pee before getting in the bath, but about half way through jumped up and said "I go poop, Mama!" I plopped her on her Dora ring and she sho' nough she did it. Could it really be this easy?! She's still in a diaper at naps and overnight, but I'm going full speed ahead with training.

The other big adventure? The hair cut! This isn't Bella's first cut. She had a rush job about a year ago ... and it was nothing compared to today's 10 minute ordeal that required two packs of gummies and three suckers to get Bella to sit quietly.

We cut two inches off the back, an inch from her bangs, and put in layers. I think it's adorable, but Billy wanted to go with the blunt cut bangs. I did wind up trimming them myself with kitchen scissors (such a Mom) just to stop watching him stare at them.

After all day of daycare and then the big hair cut, Ms. Bella then sat nicely in her seat at Ham's for a nice kids' night dinner. She loves going there because of the train, but today she was beside herself and squealed at it several times (despite nasty looks by a few patrons). Then she saw Bob the Builder and it was on. They high fived and hugged before we convinced Bella to let the other kids have a turn.

Then when the woman who puts on the characters came out in her clown garb, Bella pranced over and got her first facepainting. Actually, it was a ladybug on her hand, but Bella sat very still and never once freaked out. She then showed everyone in the restaurant her new 'yadybud." She also happily put on the balloon hat the clown lady made her.

My big girl had a big night and handled it all like a pro. I'm so proud of her!


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