Summer Camp

Javier is slowly warming up to the idea of summer camp. And that's a good thing considering all the camps I've signed him up for.

There's the week-long 4H overnight camp that he leaves for on Monday. Then he has three days of Fun In The Sun 4H day camp, then a 4-Monday arc of drama workshop for a play that he'll perform at the end of July, a "how to do magic tricks" one-day workshop in July, and then a week of art camp that last week of July.

I also wanted to sign him up for computer camp and a cooking camp (which is being held by one of the premiere chefs in our area), but they are both $100. While I did pay big(gish) bucks for the sleepaway camp and the art camp, the others are $5 or less. With our economic future now uncertain, I couldn't justify spending that much on camp.

But on days like today when it's rainy and gray and there are no children around for Javi to play with, I consider just paying that other $200 to ensure he gets to have lots of fun and socialize with his peers. He wants me to send him to the old church daycare where several of his friends, including his two neighborhood friends, go during the day ... but I'm trying to resist.

Next week starts camp season so I don't have to hold out much longer!


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