Father's Day ... A Day Early

Javi leaves for camp tomorrow, so we decided to celebrate Father's Day a day early. Billy loved the idea because, technically, it gave him two days of "do whatever I want time." That might have been the perfect gift. :)

So, we invited the grandfathers over for a feast of pizza, salad, chips, and cheese ravioli (for the vegetarian). I normally cook something, but I decided that I'd opt for convenience at any price rather than spend most of the day cleaning and cooking ... and then cleaning up after everyone finished up.

We gifted Poppie (Billy's stepfather) with a Carolina teeshirt and a Carolina hooded sweatshirt. (I'm pretty sure that the man owns nothing without either Carolina or Tennessee emblazoned on it.) We gave Grandpa (my dad) an oversized deck of slang flashcards. They were pretty funny (and cheap - I picked them up at a yardsale). Unfortunately, the deck was from 2003, so the slang wasn't as informative as I thought it'd be. Dad's birthday is June 18, so we also gave him a birthday gift, which was a wireless headset for his cell phone.

Billy's folks brought him a fitting Father's Day gift. It's called a fishing rod called an Ugly Stick. Javi thought it was awesome, of course. Then we gave Billy his gift. His real gift is the quad cab or extended cab truck he plans to buy this week, but we couldn't let him sit empty handed on Father's Day.

So we got him a couple Threadless tees and a 7" digital photo frame pre-loaded with a special Father's Day slideshow of special moments between Billy and the kids. He loved it! It will permanently grace his desk at work ... where he can more adequately brag about his awesome children. :)

We ended the night by sitting on the floor labelling and packing up Javi's camp supplies while watching Forgetting Sarah Marshall. All in all, a much more relaxed holiday than usual.

I hope all the fathers out there (and the mothers who act as fathers) have a fantastic day!


  • Of Pandas and Pirates

    Ugly Stiks are AWESOME fishing poles! We own at least one! Which t-shirt did you get him?

    Happy Father's Day Billy!

    In your videos, poor Javi looks so sad in the one where he's talking to the camera! :'(

  • Kelly Miller

    He's excited to use it!

    One of the shirts is The Gaming Revolution, the other is BEarth.

    He was sad. I was trying to make him be happy but he was really anxious to just go already.

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