Burning up the pool

School's out! Javier kicked's school's a$$ (as Billy likes to say) ... he scored 100 percent on his Reading assessment, 100 percent on his Grammar assessment, and 97 percent on his Math assessment. Of course, he was upset with himself for not scoring 100 across the board, but we're ecstatic and proud.

But now it's summer. And he's eyeballing me all day. He wants to go to the pool, the library, maybe McDonald's or something, the pool, the park, the zoo, and - oh, did i mention the pool? Thankfully my sister is burning up the pool with her kids, so he's had someone willing to sit out in the sun with him. Because I'm not that person. I will probably take him in the morning after next week when my deadlines are over and I don't mind taking him at night -- but not in the heat of day.

I do think it's cute that he loves the pool so much. When we were growing up, my mom bought us season passes to OT Sloan pool. Every day of summer vacation, we'd lay around the house until noon, eat lunch, and then pack up for the pool. We'd walk from the apartments down Bragg Street and usually arrive right at 1 pm when the doors opened. And we'd stay until she picked us up a little after 5 pm. All day, every day. It was fabulous and the taste of strawberry Jolly Ranchers will always take me right back to OT.

So it's fitting that Javi loves it so much. As does Ethan. Here they are hamming it up for the camera earlier this week:

This is the best part of summer!


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