Four Wheelin'

A few months back we bought a used Dora & Diego four wheeler off Craigslist. We thought it would be fun for Bella since her little legs don't really reach bike pedals. However, when we picked it up, we realized it was way too big for her.

However, Billy fetched it from my mom's before we left for vacation this weekend so we could charge up the battery. Today was Bella's maiden voyage and she rocked the four wheeler!

Billy took her out for a walk/drive and she got the hang of it almost immediately. There was one small snag: She has no cup or snack holder! She'll get to going and then realize she needs a drink or a bite of Apple Dapples ... and then she has to stop, try to find a place for her goodies, eat and drink a little, and then climb back on for another ride.

Needless to say, they didn't get far. Our next goal is to get her a little bike basket to hang on the front. That should solve the "where'd my cup go?!" freak out, but I don't know if there's a way to enable snacking while driving... which may actually be illegal in some states.

I do have video, but Billy was filming -- which means you'll get slightly dizzy and see lots of pavement. I've got to put that man in video school!


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