Their Way

We went to Broadway's "Our Way" festival this morning. The weather was beautiful, but the "festival" seemed to be a whole bunch of street vendors with some old timey cars on one end and a bouncy house on the other. I wasn't impressed ... and I didn't think to put sunscreen on the kids, so I was stressed the entire time about their sun exposure. We cut our visit short and left after about an hour.

Then it was back home for naps and getting ready for a Wii Bowling Tournament in Asheboro. Javi has been at his grandma's for the past few days, so he was really happy to finally be home. He's my little mama's boy ... and I've had to pry him off of me ever since we got to mom's today to get him for the festival. He wnats to hold my hand, lay across me, sit in my lap, ask me 800 questions, whisper in my ear, and never leave my side again.

It's so cute and pitiful that I can't be too annoyed. On the down side, we are planning to send him for a week of 4H sleep-away camp this summer. Now I'm not sure that he's ready. We might need to wait until next year. He's got a week of art camp (day only) and his standard Boys & Girls Club stuff. We may substitute 4H camp with two weeks of outdoor adventure camp (also day only)... We'll see.

Alright - off to practice my Wii swing!


  • Ken and Meg

    Okay, I must comment here - we loved it Our Way! Of course, I love Broadway in general, and loved even more that no one in town bitched and moaned about the streets being closed like they do in Sanford. The boys bounced in the bouncy things, sat in the grass and ate corn dogs and snow cones, mined for "gold", totally loved the tractors, and were ready for a long nap by the time we left! Sorry you didn't have a better time!

  • Kelly Miller

    My husband has a way of making things tense and difficult when it comes to doing anything that requires crowds. Therefore, I think we would've enjoyed it more without him!

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