Happy Easter!

Despite a still-high fever and a morning puke session, Bella had a fantastic third Easter. And Javi was the perfect big brother/gentleman with her.

Not only did he let her lay in his lap this morning before he remembered the Easter Bunny might've come, but he also allowed her free reign over his basket goodies. He may be a typical PITA eight-year-old boy most of the time, but he's also one of the sweetest little boys with a huge heart who really means well.

This was the first year I bought pre-made Easter baskets rather than piecing the baskets together - but I had to do it when I was at Sam's a few weeks back and saw not only a basketball-themed basket, but also a monkey-themed one. Hello, fate! In normal fashion, Bella was completely uninterested in her basket but fought with Javi for his all morning. And, of course, she won.

After they got tired of playing with the Easter goodies and taking naps, Grandma came over and helped me hide eggs for them. I thought I had 40 eggs, but then I sat down to stuff and count them. The total tally? 105 eggs ... for two kids! I figured it was overkill but I went with it anyway. I used the M&Ms and Skittles from their Easter baskets to stuff the plastic eggs, then added pennies, nickles, dimes, and quarters to the ones that were left. I put a whole dollar in one, too.

The egg hunt lasted about 20 minutes and we never recovered 3 eggs, but the kids enjoyed it. I think Bella was just happy to be outside after being sick and cooped up all weekend. Javi was just ready to get back inside to count up his loot. He found the $1 egg as well as many of the other coin eggs. After taking Bella's change, he made $5 off the hunt and has a modest bowl of candy to snack on this week. The rest of the candy from their baskets is going to work with Billy tomorrow!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter. It's back to work tomorrow!


  • Katie Jones

    It looks like you guys had a great time! Wow - 105 - that's a lot of eggs! I love Bella's little striped dress and leggings, too.

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