8 long years

I just realized I've been blogging somewhere on the 'Net since Javi was about 6 months old... which means 8 long years. How crazy is that? For fun, here's my very first blog post:

well hello there! this is my very first entry. i'd like to give a shout out to all those who helped me to get to where i am today. well, that can wait.

in the meantime, can i just say that it is the day after a holiday and no one showed up for work today except for me and the other new girl. yep, this is my first week on the job and i have nothing to do and if i did i wouldn't know how cause there's no one here to explain it!

you wanna know what i do? i'm a publications/graphics specialist for a company called InfoPro based in Maryland. i, however, work in North Carolina. i would tell you where i work, but that might be against the rules and it's easy to get fired around here. BIG BROTHER is always watching!

along with this new job comes all kinds of crazy stress and i'm always tired and my "boyfriend" though that's not his official title told me last night that he doesn't love me and i found out in the mail this morning that my health insurance isn't as extensive as it's supposed to be and my milk was sour so no honey nut cheerios this morning and my son was cranky so no good bye neck kisses and i'm exhausted and there's absolutely nothing to do at work.

Yes, I used no capitalization, had no life partner - much less a husband, and still worked in an office. I think this was my third day of work at said office. So productive!

I would link to my past blogs (there were four), but I doubt there's anyone who needs to know that much about me. :)


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