Need pockets?

Why? Why does my child insist on doing this? Pants aren't a deterrent, either. She'll force her hand down the back of her diaper no matter what she's wearing unless we put her in a onesie.

Luckily, she's never done it with a nasty diaper ... and she seems to like just sticking her hands down there to keep them warm or something ... but the odds are against us!

Any suggestions for putting it to a stop?


  • Lori

    Ummm, keep her in onesies????
    BTDT with my older DD. Now that was a LONG phase!!! But I can tell ya that at 16.... it's a funny, torture the child, distant memory that we ALL can laugh about!!!

  • Sharon G

    Sorry, I can't help you with any suggestions, but I have to ask...is that the female version of the Al Bundy??

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