My babies' daddy

I'm trying really hard not to cry too much after watching today's Oprah on DVR. But dude. DUUUUUUUDE!

I just wanted to pop in to say that I had a craptastic father, but I am so proud of the father I gave my children. He may be a pain the tushie some days, but he loves those two children with everything he has.

I look forward to the day when they're all grown up and they watch a stupid daytime talk show and they cry because those awesome dads remind them of their dad rather than because those awesome dads remind them yet again of what they never had.


  • Anonymous

    Kelly, I cried with you... I have so many "IF ONLY" I so wanted you to have that kind of dad, but I didn't have any control over the situation (though I did try). I am proud that you have stopped that cycle for you and the kids:) They are lucky and loved, which is every mothers dream. Mama

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