Lazy Sundays

Guess who brought home a Wii Bowling trophy last night? No, it's not me.... Billy! He won the trophy thanks to our friend Kevin's inability to knock down four whole pins. We had a great time though. Lots of crap talking, lots of rubbing it in, and lots of gut-busting laughter. Our next tournament will be Mario Kart. I think Billy's pretty confident that he'll win that one, too. His modesty is overwhelming.

Other good news: Bella spent the night with our friend Maxine and her husband Charles last night. It's the first time she's spent the night with someone who isn't my mom - and that was the first time going to Maxine and Charles' house. But she did remarkably well and loved being the center of attention.

Javi wound up staying, too, because our other arrangements for him fell through. He was a little over-sensitive about having to stay away from us for another night, but he got over it once he started playing with the neighbor kids. When we picked them up this afternoon around lunchtime, he was past ready to be home.

So now we're all just laying around enjoying this overcast, cool day. I'm actually looking forward to the week starting back because we'll be back to normal: No pressing deadlines, both kids in school, and no big projects coming up. It's so nice to have some breathing room!


  • Anonymous

    I'm glad my brother is still competing at a high level of athletic excellence. you need to post more downloadable pictures of you guys because all the ones you've sent me must have gotten lost in the mail. love the vids.

  • Kelly Miller

    Yes, his athletic prowess hasn't diminished. :)

    You can see all 800 thousand of our photos on Flickr.com. I had to make them private because of child predators, but if you set up an account on Flickr, I can add you to my contacts and then you can see the photos.

    Yes, surely the photos got lost in the mail. You know it's difficult for even the mail to get from NC to TN, right? I know that's why y'all never visit...

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