Saying goodbye

We're sad today. Bobby, Billy's stepfather's stepfather, was admitted to the hospital yesterday morning because he tore the lining in his stomach. He was having sharp pains when he first arrived, but after they laid him back in the bed, the lining tore further and they rused him into emergency surgery.

During the operation, the surgeons discovered that Bobby's liver is covered in cancer. They repaired his stomach and bowels, and informed the family (Billy's parents and Bobby's sisters) that they would give him time for his stomach to heal before tackling the liver cancer. However, they warned everyone that the cancer was so far advanced, the only real treatment is a transplant ... and Bobby isn't a viable candidate.

So we all prayed that his stomach would heal quickly and that Bobby would be strong enough to at least try chemo. Unfortunately, today his organs began shutting down. His kidneys aren't functioning and he's only breathing through life support. Billy went to the hospital earlier today and plans to be there for a little while longer to say his goodbyes as the doctors don't expect Bobby to make it through the night.

Bobby isn't biologically related to us, but he's been a great friend and "grandfather" to both us and our children. I think it's fascinating that Bobby stepped in to raise Phillip (Billy's stepfather) when Phillip was around 2 years old. Then Phillip stepped into the role of father figure when he married Billy's mom. Now Billy has stepped into the role of Daddy for Javi. Three generations of men who -- for all their faults -- loved the young people in their lives unconditionally.

He is a good man. Quiet and gruff, yet really witty when he decided to speak and always ready to help us if we needed it. He will be sorely missed.

Update: Bobby passed away around 4 am on Tuesday morning. May he rest peacefully with Iva, the love of his life.


  • Kim Pritt

    I am so sorry for your loss -- may the angels watch over you and your family during this difficult time.

  • Katie Jones

    I am so sorry to hear about Bobby's passing. I hope Billy is comforted by the good memories during this tough time.

  • Courtney Sanderson

    Oh Kelly, I am so sorry for your family's loss. You will all be in our prayer. Sounds like Javi is a lucky boy to have Billy in his life (as are you & Bella)- he's obviously learned to love from other great, caring men!

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