Happy Earth Day!

As a semi-environmentalist, I'd like to take the time to list out the ways I live greenly every day:

- I buy items in bulk rather individually packaged.
- I eat a meatless meal at least 2x per week. (Research shows that if everyone ate 20% less meat it would have the same effect on the environment as everyone switching to hybrid vehicles.)
- I work from home.
- I drive a fuel efficient vehicle.
- I walk instead of drive when possible. This was easier when I lived in a city.
- I carpool when possible.
- I recycle paper, plastics and aluminum.
- I reuse and repurpose everything I can (including my aluminum foil!).
- I compost everything I can.
- I bring my own bags when shopping. When I forget my bags, I go bag-less.
- I keep the temperature around 65 degrees year round. I add layers if I'm cold and remove layers if I'm hot rather than adjusting the temperature.
- I participate in a community garden.
- I support local growers when possible.
- I use compact fluorescent light bulbs.
- I use energy efficient household appliances, namely the dish washer, washer and dryer.
- I only run the dish washer when full, which is usually every other day.
- I re-wear clothes as much as possible.
- I don't eat seafood. (See why.)
- I borrow books from the library instead of buying them.
- I make cleaning products from vinegar, baking soda, and lemon.
- I filter tap water and drink it from a BPA-free water bottle rather than buying bottled water.
- I turn off water when I'm not using it (such as when I'm brushing my teeth or shaving my legs).
- I turn off lights and fans in rooms I'm not using.
- I close the fridge door rather than leaving it open when making snacks or meals.
- I turn off the oven about 10 minutes before a recipe calls for. The heat will continue cooking the item until it's done.
- I collect rain water for watering our plants and the compost.
- I purchase recycled toilet paper.
- I limit paper towels and try to use cloth towels instead.
- I donate or re-sell all our used items rather than throwing anything away.
- I used BPA-free bottles for Bella rather than ones with disposable liners.
- I purchase carbon offsets when I buy travel or accomodations.

What I could do better:

- I don't buy locally grown meat and produce as often as I could or should. I plan to rectify this by shopping the Farmer's Market regularly and finding local sources for meat.
- I still eat more meat than I'd like. I would like to cut meat out of four meals each week.
- I sometimes take away plastic bags if I forgot mine and I'm in a rush, etc. However, I always recycle the bags I take.
- I don't eat organically. I can't afford to.
- I own two cars and a boat. That makes my carbon footprint much bigger than it should be. At least one is energy efficient and one only goes the 3 miles back and forth to Billy's work.
- I keep the tv on even when I'm not watching it. And the laptop is always running. I'm trying shut down the laptop when I'm not using it, though. So far, I've been doing well.

So! What are YOU doing to be more Earth-friendly? What do you suggest I add to my green lifestyle?


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