To share in the magic that is a toddler and big kid. I give you this video. Welcome to life in the Miller Mix:


  • Anonymous

    I love how Billy never moved. Is he flipping me off?

  • Kelly Miller

    Ha! He was part of the furniture that night. I was leaving for Joe's and he was staying home with the kids... so not exactly in the best of moods. He's holding the remote, tho he probably wanted to flip the bird!

  • Sharon G

    So cute...and I was going to comment on Billy looking awfully comfy, but since someone else beat me to it, I'll leave him alone!!! Heehee!!!!!

  • Katie Jones

    Too cute- love it! And I love the one of Bella watching KA that you sent me the link to... two silly girls!

  • Courtney Jenkins

    Adorable! I love how little Bella looks to Javi for what to do! And he must be exhausted - he was really going to town!

    Marty would be doing exactly what Billy's doing!

  • Robin

    CUTEST video ever.

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