April 3 Can Get Here Fast Enough

Bella turns the big 0-2 on April 3 and we're counting down the days.

Why? Well, when she turns 2, she can move up to the preschool room at school. That's the room we have to walk through to get to the toddler room. It's also the room she screams and cries over because she loves being in there so much. She will wrench her hand out of mine and run as fast as she can across the room and start playing furiously in the hopes that we'll just let her stay.

But no. State guidelines insist that she stay in the toddler room until she's 2 years old. So we must carry her -- kicking and screaming -- to the toddler room. Where she lays in the floor and cries or throws herself at the half-door separating the rooms.

It's pitiful and breaks my heart. The preschool room has more options for pretend play, including a kitchen, dress-up closet, instrument corner, puppet area, and mini-library. Bella's eyes light up when she gets to go in the room, which is open to all the children on Fridays (when there are less children and so the ratios are different). She also gets to go in that room after lunch time when they do story and dance hour -- basically an hour of storytelling set to music where the kids dance around and sing.

On the one hand, I wish they'd never let her in the room because it feeds into her obsession with the room, but, on the other hand, I'm glad she gets a little fix every day.

Let's just all keep our fingers crossed that March flies by quickly so that Bella can hurry up and get into that preschool room. Let's also pray that once she's in there fulltime, she doesn't thrash around and cry to get back in the toddler room!!!


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