One of those days

Bella loves her friends. Like, gets in their faces and hugs on them and tries to drag them around with her like she does her stuffed animals.

But one of her friends always needs a little warming up before he's ready for Bella's type of love. Meet Ian. See him in the background? He did NOT want to suffer through an entire car ride and hour or so alone with us while his mama did Mom stuff today. This picture sums up our car ride to drop Bella off for school. Ian was pissed he got stuck with us and Bella was broken hearted that he wasn't happy to see her:

I thought perhaps Mr. Ian would feel better as our short amount of time wore on. I was wrong. Here is on the way back to my house after dropping Bella off:

This was the same look I got for the next 20 minutes. We even had a stare-off when we got back to the house and he refused to talk to me. He just stood in the middle of the room and stared at me. Literally just stared. Every few stares he would quickly look at my laptop and then go right back to staring.

So I tried to win but I realized he would stand there until Abbey got back, so I finally just said it: Would you like to play Noggin?

And all of a sudden - there was my sweet, funny little Ian! "Yes!" he told me as he made a beeline to the laptop. I steered him to the desktop and got him up and running. He was a talkative little bugger until he got engrossed in Wow Wow Wubbzy.

When he got him, he reported to his mom that I "just laughed" at his sad face. So there is some triumph! I hope next time he has more fun with us. :)


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