Fun with Manda & Ivy

Bella and I spent an inordinate amount of time in the McDonald's playplace this afternoon. As in, 10:30 am to 1:30 pm inordinate. Luckily, the time was spent in good company having fun conversation and reconnecting with an old friend.

I didn't know how well the playdate would go considering Bella Bird was so ready to go that she had to dramatically roll around on the floor when I wasn't ready to leave quickly enough.

She was extremely happy to be at McDonald's though and played well by herself until Manda and Ivy arrived.

The last time I saw baby Ivy, she was just learning to walk and not yet talking very much. Today she was like a three-year-old! She's three months older than Bella, but is a good two or three inches taller and ten pounds heavier. She also has a wonderful grasp of language. As can be expected, Bella was the daredevil monkey of the duo. So if there was a hostage situation, Ivy would talk her way out while Bella would ninja jump herself out of the room.

Aren't these the cutest little curly headed babies?

Bella's hours of intense play resulted in a new word: Ah-bee. I asked her this afternoon after her nap, "Baybird, what do you want to do?" because she seemed to be on the hunt for something. She answed, "I pway Ah-bee? Pweeese?" She also kissed Ah-bee night-night tonight before she went to sleep. Aw!


  • Anonymous

    I remember when Audrey used to wear those sweatsuits! Bella was really looking for me. I'm surprised you didn't get it ;-)

  • Kelly Miller

    It does sound like Abbey but Ah is more like Aye... if you visited more often she'd say your name, too! :)

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