Javi got a green light at school today after a string of yellows.

I was tired and lazy from a day of personal errands and activities.

Billy was worn out from a day of hard work.

Bella was yelling "eat eat!" and pointing at the kitchen.

So, I was the first to bust out our secret language for eating at a restaurant. "What's for dinner?" To which Billy piped up immediately. "I'm not making 15 stops so you can have Chinese." Because I always want Chinese - as in, I could eat it every day and not get tired.

But then Javi heard his favorite new word and started jumping up and down chanting "King's Chinese Buffet! King's Chinese Buffet!" Which is also his newest favorite restaurant, replacing Andy's Cheeseburgers and Cheesesteaks.

Billy rolled his eyes because a) he gets tired of Chinese and b) he got sick a few months back after woofing down a quart of chicken lo mein. To make him feel better, I offered to just pick up take out and stop by Arby's or McDonald's for him...

And that's when his son threw him to the wolves. "We can just drop Daddy out at McDonalds and then go to King's Chinese Buffet," he informed us. When we protested, he reminded us "So! McDonalds has a playplace he can hang out in!!!"

Yep. Forget family bonding or family table. Our son will drop-kick you for a sugar donut. Know that. :)


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