Happy Valentine's Day

The Millers spent a fun and relaxing day enjoying each other and sharing in the love fest that is Valentine's Day.

All week, we took turns writing down Valentine's wishes on strips of paper and adding them to our wish jar. So, first thing this morning, we began pulling wishes. Despite this being my bright idea, Javi and Billy pulled all the best wishes.

Billy's first pull was "Pancakes and eggs" - which we threw by the wayside because no one wanted to leave the house for breakfast and a certain person (that would be me) hadn't really thought about going to the grocery store. He then pulled "back rub" and later in the day pulled "love notes." Can you guess who put that wish into the jar?

Javi pulled all the wishes he put in: "a feast" (which was how he summarized cheeseburgers, chili dogs, cheesecake, and pie - his version of a feast), "pizza and Mountain Dew" (the one drink we've never allowed him to have), chocolate chip cookie, and a kiss. I pulled "apples," "a magic trick," and "activity of choice." No fun! We'll be trying something different next year.

But we still had a fantastic day. Billy sent me flowers on Friday that are beautifying our living room and I granted him a dozen Sandra's donuts in assorted flavors. Sandra's donuts are one of the reasons people live in Sanford - so much better than Krispy Kreme or Dunkin' Donuts! Aren't my flowers beautiful? I was totally surprised by them.

Javi got his feast. We all went to Golden Corral so that he could affordably feast on his favorite foods. Of course, he only ate one plate of food and it was small. Then he moved on to feasting on desserts. But it was his wish, so we didn't argue with him over it. Because he finished so quickly, he listened to his iPod while the rest of us finished up - which is a rare treat because we never allow him to listen to the iPod in restaurants and other public places.

Bella wanted no part of anything on the buffets except a few grapes and peach slices. Well, that was until I brought in the gummy bears and M&Ms. She dogged those - as you can see by the chocolate all over her face.

When we got home, we played bandanas ... thanks to Javi's new obsession with wearing one. You don't want to know how much he argued with me about wearing one to dinner. Bella prefers wearing hers as a dress, but Billy did convince her to put one on her head. For half a second.

Happy Valentine's Day!


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