New hairstyle

My mother has been riding me about Bella's hair. Apparently I don't spend enough time coming up with new and unique ways to keep her muppet mane out of her face.

Well *somebody* hasn't visited lately because Bella has been rocking the cutest new 'do. Pigtails! I have to use gel and clips to keep the curls in the back from springing back into shape and creating a thicket in the back of her head - but I love the pigtails, even if they do come with extra work.

The ladies at daycare giggle every time I bring her in with her little pigtails because they, like me, know that her hair will be a curly mess in less than an hour. She never fails to come home at at the end of the day in a half ponytail because that's all they can manage. But when I'm around, the pigtails are perfect, bouncy, and the perfect way to showcase my Bella Bird's cutie patootie face. Behold:

In case you were too entranced by that huge bite of jello, here's another angle:

And this one's from yesterday's car ride with Ian when Bella decided to win him over with sweet peeks out of the corner of her eyes:

I think my favorite part of the pigtail era is that it's such a clean and well-kept look. Plus, doesn't she look like a big girl?


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