Happy President's Day

Javi was a little keyed up this morning. He was supposed to have today off from school but the BOE is using it as a make-up day from the snow day back on Jan. 20.

So yesterday Javi was telling us all about his favorite president, Abraham Lincoln. Javi likes Lincoln because a) he wore a big hat and b) he was tall ... like Javi.

Later in the day, we were all dancing around singing "I Like to Dance" from Yo Gabba Gabba, which is Bella's favorite song right now. When it comes on, she has to break it down. We take turns spotlighting each dancer ("Go, go, go Bella!" and then "Go, go, go Javi!").

When it was Javi's turn, he made us stop calling him Javi and start calling him by his new name: Lincoln. "Go, go, go Lincoln! Go, go, go Lincoln!" Unfortunately I didn't have the camera so you can't see the high stepping, booty shaking dance of Lincoln. But I imagine Ol' Abe would be proud!

I found this video that is sort of like what we do, only we're in a circle and the kids are a little less coordinated. :)


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