You know you found 'em on a mountain when...

You know you found 'em on a mountain when you wonder where your husband went with the kids and then you find him. Encouraging your children to swing on a low-hanging limb. From the neighbor's tree. While the neighbor isn't home. And he's laughing and taking pictures of them. Cause photographic evidence is what we need.

Please tell me I'm not the only one who stumbles out into Mountain material. Whether your man (or woman) is straight off the mountain or just carries a piece of mountain in his (or her) heart, I'd love to hear your "you know you found 'em on a mountain when" story!

***This post is part of the 30-minute blog challenge, Wordless Wednesday, and Wordful Wednesday. Cause I'm at the beach NOT giving away my children. Yes, that part is totally positive thinking.***


  • heather@actingbalanced.com

    My kids don't need encouragement for that... they are both part jungle - love to swing on anything ... what great pics though!

  • Anonymous

    Our men? They ARE kindred spirits :-)

  • Corinne Cunningham

    They look like they're having SO much fun! Love the captures!

  • TKW

    Tarzan! AAAAAAahAAAAAA! I love those pictures. Good fun, Mama.

  • Cheri

    My man is about as far from the mountain as you can get (I found him in a pinstripe suit in an elevator) and would have been MORTIFIED to catch his kids swinging from a neighbor's tree!

  • liz

    the photo with his mouth open really adds to the "feel" of mountain children! :)

  • amber_mtmc

    My husband and I hiked a mountain last weekend. He carried one kid on his shoulder and the other in a front pack. Yup. My own mountain man.

  • The Drama Mama

    I have a country boy, not a mountain man, but I think they would have a good contest. ;)

  • Stacia

    Those pictures are HI-larious! And they're photographic evidence definitely worth saving for future blackmail, I mean, mommy persuasion. =>

  • Jami

    My hubby is from the hills, not the mountains, but let's see... when you find him teaching the boys how to 1)make fire with a magnifying glass, 2)shoot a bow and arrow into a bale of straw 3)split wood for stocking the shed for winter...

    Love those pics! LOL

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