Stormin' Through Summer

Intentional happiness doesn't mean having wonderful days stacked up on each other like a beautifully iced chocolate cake. It means enjoying the hell out of the mudpie your previously clean child brings you in your favorite Pyrex dish. And, of course, being grateful that your days stack up at all.

Guess what. My days are stacked pretty damn well even if I do struggle some days to hold it together. In only six words, I am:

Learning gratefulness for my unearned gifts,
Basking in these scorching summer days
Knowing I will miss them soon.

For instance, there was the caramel frappuccino sipped in the car while driving my younger sister to the hospital where they'll hopefully work out whatever's happening with her lungs. (Never a good thing for a girl who's had a double lung transplant.)

Taking my son to meet his hair idol (aka Glenn Willey, meterologist) and being seriously impressed by said model's ability to entertain and engage a roomful of children.

Stumbling upon the most beautiful rendition of INXS' 'Never Tear us Apart'. And then falling even more in love with this funky and fun cover of 'Need You Tonight.' (Have I mentioned that INXS featured prominently in my childhood? Uh, yeah.)

Wrapping up the week with Meanie Weenie at the pool, where she traversed an entire length of the pool to shoot me in the face with a Toy Story water squirter because I was talking on the phone rather than watching her fake swim against the side of the pool. Word on the street is she is my mini-me. I like it.

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  • Eternal Lizdom

    LOVE the pics!!

    A good friend in high school was a HUGE INXS fan. :) Loving the video!

    Thanks for linking up for FGF!

  • Kelly Miller

    My dad is/was a huge INXS fan so these songs took me back to when he'd visit or we'd go visit him. Lots of memories!

  • melissa

    Look at that pool girly! Adorable.
    And Mr. Junior Weatherman there? Love.

    Just keep enjoying those stacked-up days!
    A mudpie summer sounds just perfect.

  • cj Schlottman

    I love Meanie Weenie, what a
    'tude! Great photos say so much
    about your beautiful, and sassy family.

  • Sofia's Ideas

    I hope everything goes well with your little sister.

    And that is a great cover of I need you tonight!

    I also wanted to thank you for all the comment love on Sofia's Ideas. I'm your newest fan and GFC friend! :) Hope to see your smiling face on my GFC widget too! ;)

  • Anonymous

    "Being grateful that your days stack up all", after today I needed this reminder my friend. And INXS? Love!

    I hope your summer continues to bring lots of ordinary !!!

  • The Drama Mama

    That is a FANTASTIC cover of Need You Tonight. INXS was pretty prominent in my childhood too. Michael Hutchence was in more then one of my very imaginative dreams. Look at Bella!! She's so cute. Your summer is coming to together really nicely.

  • Rudri

    I love the pictures and the quote about meeting the "hair idol". You did a great job in combining !!! happiness and the six word fridays.

  • Kelly Miller

    My junior weatherman has totally spent the last few days letting me know that "Glenn Willey told me that would happen!" About everything. He's hooked.

    Also? I tried to get him to dress better for his big moment, but I decided a nice shirt wasn't worth a tantrum and we both needed good memories leading up to such a momentous event. So forgive the Mario!

  • Bibliomama

    Priceless pictures.

  • Jack Steiner

    I have such memories from this particular INXS album. Never heard that version, but I like it.

  • BigLittleWolf

    Love the photos! (And amazing that we can find little moments that make us smile - always.)

  • Stacia

    Love this: "It means enjoying the hell out of the mudpie your previously clean child brings you in your favorite Pyrex dish." Yes, I'm enjoying the hell out of a lot of things these days, too! (Or should I say, !!!)

  • ck

    A hair idol? Kids find !!! in the funniest places!

  • Moore Minutes

    Very well said! And that last photo is so adorable...you should frame it. ;)

  • Jami

    I loved INXS. I even ripped up some jeans and bleached them out...those were the days! :)

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