My sister is sick. We've added words like pleurisy and pulmonary hypertension to our vocabularies. They fill the spaces left open after her double-lung transplant nearly ten years ago. For the past 10 days (and for who knows how many to come), her home has been hospital room.

But now, as then, we choose not to dwell on the mysteries wracking my sister's frail body and instead laugh from deep within our bellies -- savoring every moment and treasuring the beauty of now.

This day is a sacred treasure
that we cup in gentle palms,
eyes and hearts and hands aware
of its fleeting and fragile glory.

And so we spent a day this week in the entrance area of the hospital as her floor doesn't allow children under the age of 5. What could've been frustrating and stressful became an adventure instead, complete with some fool-making and attention-stealing.

We sat in a hot, crowded cafe with strangers flanking us and made merry. You know it's a good time when strangers laugh at your antics and your kid masters a technique you didn't know he cared about it.

With full bellies, we played and joked and left the worries to those who gawked or smiled as they passed.

And when it was time to head back to real life, we found another reason to smile: The next generation, walking together into the future.

Yes, each day is a gift, a treasure entrusted to us. On this day, we used it perfectly.

(And to top it off, I am today's guest blogger at Our Mommyhood! So much !!! and feely-good that the bad stuff doesn't stand a chance.)

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  • melissa

    You're so right-- the bad stuff doesn't stand a chance in the face of so much intentional happiness and love in action.

  • TKW

    I'm glad you guys can find time to smile and enjoy each other in the midst of what has got to be a trying time. Adorable pics.

  • RN Mama

    Thanks so much for linking up to FGF:)

    Your children are adorable, and what a wondeful mother you are for showing them how to find happiness in any situation!

  • Cheri

    I had pleurisy when I was 16 (with lungs I already owned). I missed ten days of school and was probably the sickest I've ever been. So I feel for your sister! Hope she's feeling much better soon!

  • Moore Minutes

    Wise actions. You are a strong woman. I hope your sister recovers well. And beautiful pics too! :D

  • Jen

    I love how you made this !!! and Six Word Friday at the same time. I love that you are focusing on the positive. I LOVE your poem.

  • BigLittleWolf

    Kids have a way of making everything better! All good thoughts (and positive waves) for your sister.

  • cj Schlottman

    I am touched by the positive way
    you have chosen to face life!


  • This Ro(a)mantic Life

    Thinking of you and your sister. Love that you were able to find a place where everyone could spend time together. Not a simple thing in a hospital!

  • Corinne Cunningham

    Your sister is in my thoughts...
    But those pictures are adorable :) Glad you all found some !!! today!

  • Capital Mom

    Beautiful words. A beautiful spirit to this post too.

  • Mama Hen

    I am sorry to hear that your sister is sick! This was a beautiful post. I am a new follower from Lady Blogger's Club. Come and visit Mama's Little Chick when you get a chance.

    Mama Hen

  • The Drama Mama

    PS I've got something for you!


  • Emily

    Love this post!

  • ck

    You have such a wonderful spirit, Kelly. Even in the midst of what must be exhausting and heart breaking, love is palpable in these photographs.

  • Maxabella

    Fantastic post. Your sister is lucky to have you!!

  • Stacia

    Wow, this has got to be tough. I'll be thinking of you and your family, and I'll be remembering your advice (and actions) to live in the moment. So important, and so easy to forget.

  • Justine

    Laughter is indeed the best medicine. Thanks to the little ones, luckily that's never too difficult.

  • Unknown

    Beautiful post, glad you guys could see past the clouds!

    Oh thanks for checking out my !!! last week.

  • Kimberly Vanderhorst

    Finding !!! where one might otherwise find ?!? is amazing and wondrous and all shades of joyful. What an uplifting post!

  • Draft Queen

    Ugh. Those were both things they looked into when I was really sick back in April. I hope your sister is outta that hospital and well again really soon.

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