Meanie Weenie

I love this little girl.

I feel like I don't say it enough because she's a tyrant and hustler and I try to balance my gushing of one with gushing of the other.

But I love her. So much.

Princess Bella. Bella May. Bay Bay. Monk. Sweet Potato.

Ask her name and she'll tell you, My whole name is Bella Miller* but my nickname is Meanie Weenie!

Then she'll smile so hard her face might crack.

When she's being particularly naughty, she'll yell out, I'm bein' Eviwella! because, yes, her superhero name is Evirella. And she lives up to the hype.

And man oh man. I love her.

*She will actually say her real whole name, but I just got uncomfortable posting it. So I'm not.


  • Nina

    funny my son will say his whole name too...but its not the clearest saying and people will just look at him and I have to say "Asher, yes its Asher"

  • Jack Steiner

    That face is going to wreak havoc upon you, but it will be so much fun in the process.

  • Cheri

    And that look has "imp" written all over it!

  • TKW

    She is, indeed, a handful. Just look at that gleam in her eye. She's plotting mischief, that one. But she keeps Mama on her toes, right? Evirella...that's awesome.

  • Anonymous

    Aw, there is no way that little girl could be a Meanie Weenie, Evirella or a tyrant. She is WAY too cute. ;)

  • Unknown

    She is just beautiful! I am in the camp of definitely buying a BIG shotgun and sitting on the front porch cleaning it when boys come to "call"!


  • Kelly Miller

    For those who don't believe this child is a meanie weenie, I wish you could see her hiding her brother's shoes. And she told me when she's done, she plans to take all his books and put them on her shelf. These are the two things guaranteed to drive her brother bonkers. And she's giggling and singing to herself. She's definitely a little meanie weenie -- but at least she's good at it!

  • Justine

    Evirella - I love it. They ALL are at some point are they? Emphasis on the "at some point", more out of hope than anything else.

    She is adorable. Love that adorable, I-can-smite-you-with-my-cute-face look :)

  • liz

    She has such sweet, sparkling eyes, so she must use that to her advantage to plot her evil!

  • heidi @ wonder woman wannabe

    What a character - I love it - I've got one of those in training in the form of my 2nd born!

    That expression on her face says it all! :)

  • Rudri

    Adorable pic. Love the smile.

  • The Drama Mama

    She's such a doll. Evirella just doesn't seem right to me.

  • Sofia's Ideas

    Isnt it incredible how we can love them just as much when they are at their absolute worst? And dont they just love us when we are at our worst too?
    Its one of the things I love about unconditional love. :)

    She is a beauty!

  • Stacia

    Tell Evirella she can come play with my two little superheroes. They can hide books and shoes and beloved fire trucks together and really wreak some havoc. Then again, maybe we better not ...

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