At the beach

We left the Mountain Man at home. He said he couldn't leave his chicks. I mean, who would catch them grasshoppers and dig up worms for them if he wasn't there? Who would treat them to a summer favorite?

What my MM will be seeing:

What I'll be seeing:

I would say I got the better end of the stick, except look at how Lulu2 loves her "daddy."

When he comes around she races over to him. He's in the swooning stage.

But we're at the beach. Eating fresh fruit delivered by our CSA that I've cleaned and cut up and packaged in containers perfect for beachy days. Floating down a lazy river. Watching my kids fight over the last piece of grilled shrimp (did I mention I don't eat seafood? I don't, but my kids will shank you for it). Likely getting even further behind on blog reading and commenting.

BUT. I just signed on for another freelance gig (yay!) and so I can afford to send my children away. And then I can get back to doing what I do best. Reading and commenting rather than working. Sounds good, right?


  • Hyacynth

    Ohhhh, the beach. Huge sigh. I love the beach. I think you got the better deal in this one.
    Even though the chicks are, admittedly, cute.

  • amber_mtmc

    I also love the beach and I hate seafood. HA! Kindred we are. I agree, you definitely got the better end.

  • suzannah | the smitten word

    oh, i love the beach. i could move there. enjoy!

    someday i'd love to pick your brain on how you got into freelancing...

    have a lovely vacation:)

  • Bibliomama

    Shrimp? I could totally take your kids.

    Blissful -- enjoy.

  • Moore Minutes

    Oh those pics are adorable, lol....seriously. I LOVE the hair too!!

  • Sarah

    Afford to send my children away.... Ahahahahahahaaa.

    And yes, it sounds great. All of it. You go!

  • TKW

    She looks so sweet with those braids! And I had to laugh at MM's chicken love!

  • Justine

    Sounds EXCELLENT!

    The braids on your daughter are precious. I'm so jealous. And the chicks are adorable.

  • The Drama Mama

    Eh, it's summer. Enjoy your time. I miss ya, but I can't keep up these days either. Enjoy the beach!

  • Rudri

    Enjoy the summertime beach fun. The watermelon images makes me want to jump into the car and get some from the grocery store.

  • Stacia

    Love the baby chicks and the baby chicks. =>

    And congrats on the freelance gig!!

  • Heather of the EO

    Sounds perfect.
    congrats on the gig!

    Summer and blog reading and commenting = Heather fail. Totally understand :)

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