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Monday gets a bad rap. Today marks the beginning of the week and the end of July, and it has given me several reasons to smile. Here are two:

Javi: Am I still going to camp today?
Me: Actually, you have the summer reading program pool party from 12-2 and then cooking camp from 2-4 and then tonight you have basketball clinic from 6-8. Full day!
Javi: Um, mom? That seems like a lot for one day.
Me: Well, it's just today that's so busy.
Javi: I think I'll skip the pool party. I can swim anytime I want and I'm really more excited for the cooking camp.
Me: Uh. Are you sure? Because I'm not going to push you. If you miss it, you miss it.
Javi: Yeah, I'm sure. I don't do so well when you make me do so much in one day.
Me: Huh.

Bella: Do I get to do kindergarten today?
Me: Yep. Which workbook do you want?
Bella: The one with chickies! I love chickies.
Me: Grab the book and come get in my lap.
Bella: No, mama. You my teacher. You s'pose to get my book, put it on a table, and say to me "Okay, class. Let's get to work!" That's kindergarten.
Me: Well, then, you're not in kindergarten. You're in pre-school.
Bella: I love pre-school! Pre-school means play-dough! But we still have to go to a table.
Me: Welcome to kindergarten. I'll find you a little table to work at.
Bella: Don't forget my chickies!

And so it goes. I'll be typing away furiously to meet some deadlines while being schooled on parenting by one and schooled on school by the other. If your Monday permits, come visit me at Loving My Panda Bear. I'd love to get some comments on my post all about the tyranny of Year Three!

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  • Moore Minutes

    LOL, too CUTE. :)

  • Rudri

    Their conversations are so honest and funny. Inquisitive Monday for you...

  • C (Kid Things)

    That does sound like a full day, but fun! As opposed to my kids, who prefer to just sit around all day.

  • liz

    So funny because I have some Kate-isms up today. Isn't it so funny and interesting to hear all that comes out of their mouths??

  • Sofia's Ideas

    Love it! Your kids sound adorable! :)

  • Draft Queen

    OMG. I'd do anything to get away from playdoh as well. That stuff is nothing but trouble!

  • Anonymous

    Adore this. It just filled me up with warm and fuzzy!

  • becca

    The honest innocent chit chat with the kiddies. I love it! Sounds like you guys are keeping busy!

  • Just Me

    HA! These are cute!!

  • Nina

    sweet smart kids

  • Unknown

    Wow I am impressed that Javi was able to set limits on himself and recognize what makes him feel good! A lot of adults aren't even able to do this. You are doing something right for sure.

  • Kelly Miller

    @Sadiesmom - Javi's nickname is "my dad" as in, "Don't ask me, ask my dad over here" because he is known for saying very mature things. But then he has a tantrum because he can't wear a sweatshirt in 103 degree heat. I'm sure you know how that goes.

  • ck

    Javi is so mature. Wow.

    My older daughter is like that too. She'll let us know when she's had enough of anything (dessert included) and then just walk away. Even from the good stuff. I STILL can't do that!

  • Cheri

    Wow, your kids really do know how to call you out, eh? Sounds like Monday was a fun day!

  • Stacia

    If kindergarten means no play-dough, then I don't want to go. =>

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