Where the wild things are

I wasn't always a "big city" girl.* Several of my formative years were spent running around barefoot eating pig corn straight off the stalk and using packhouses as playhouses in a tiny town called Bunnlevel. You would think that my continued ability to walk across gravel without shoes on would mean I'm a country girl at heart. I should love the sound of crickets and spending time sitting outside and being dirty.

But I don't. I take pleasure in air conditioning and designer coffee. I don't want to sweat and I definitely can't handle having to search my body for ticks. I only frequent restaurants with wifi access and am constantly connected to the web. I wash my hands religiously and cannot stand having dirty feet.

Therefore, I will soon be in my own fresh hell. We're camping this weekend (though we have two full-time house sitters, so burglars can look elsewhere). Like, in the forest camping. With bugs. And no internet. The good part is Bella will turn 3 while doing her favorite thing. The bad part is her favorite thing is running wild in the woods. *sigh*

Any prayers, good vibes, strength, or patience you can send my way will be much appreciated.

*Big city is subjective. Yes, I live in a small town, but I did live in Boston for several years (and I fit in like a pig in mud). So get off my back.


  • BigLittleWolf

    My sympathy. UGH. Camping. Not a camping girl (this, no doubt, no surprise). Again - my sympathy. AND ALL POSITIVE WAVES OF BUGLESS BOUNTY being ommmmmed your way.

  • Jack Steiner

    I love camping, always have. Have fun!

  • Draft Queen

    Good luck to ya!

  • suzannah | the smitten word

    may your weekend outdoors be restful, simple, fun, and beautiful:)

    i like to imagine myself as a city girl, too, even tho i didn't grow up there and am currently living the country life. it's our perogative;)

  • Kelly Miller

    I'm alive! We had a great few days and (knock on wood) not so much as a tick scare to ruin it. I will say we're all slightly yellow from the massive amounts of pollen clogging the air. But, the flowering bushes and trees were gorgeous, so no real complaints.

    Thanks for the well wishes!

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