Snapshots of life

My world has been covered in a yellow-green dust for nearly a week now. While no one in our family suffers from seasonal allergies, we still can't be outside for long periods of time or open the windows to enjoy the gorgeous mid-80s temps. But life goes on.

There are seedlings stretching earnestly toward the sun:
And children rejoicing in a warm spring day:
While moms take advantage of rare opportunities to be just plain silly:
Yes, life goes on -- despite a yellowy haze and deadlines and back-from-break school struggles. I don't want to miss a minute of it.

**This post is part of Wordless Wednesday and Wordful Wednesday**


  • JDaniel4's Mom

    They all look so happy!

  • Kelly Miller

    You can't help but smile when boat rides are involved.

  • The Drama Mama

    Love it. I LOVE your hat, I love the silliness, and I love the kids. I could do without the yellow powdery stuff though. It almost killed me last week.

  • Kelly Miller

    That hat really got around this weekend. Bella has claimed it as her own. I've been calling the pollen a Pollengeddon because it really does feel that way, doesn't it! It came on hard and fast this year.

  • Anonymous

    It's in the 80's here too!!! You have no idea how happy that makes me. I'm glad you're getting out and about even if you're being overtaken by pollen.

    P.S. I love that it's Wordless and Wordful all at the same time. lol

  • Kelly Miller

    Hey - there are two wordless photos in there!

  • Cheri

    Totally want to squeeze both of their pudgy little cheeks! Your kids are so cute!

  • Kelly Miller

    Thank you Cheri! I'm partial to them, too.

  • liza

    looks like everyone had a lot of fun..;) Have a wonderful day! :)

  • XmasDolly

    Yessssssss, we're out of the house and having fun! It's Spring and almost summer. Only 7 more weeks of school. Woo Hoo! Kids! Ya gotta love em'! Thanks for stopping at my blog too! Have a good one.

  • Dalia (Generation X Mom)

    The weather looks awesome there! You make me realize that I need to make some time this week while my kids are on break to go do something fun!

  • Draft Queen

    Oh that yellowy dust is making my sinuses SCREAM!

  • Kelly Miller

    @Jill - you would've died if you were camping with us last weekend. The pollen was so thick, you could see it hanging in the air in front of your face.

    @Dalia - Go do it woman!

    @Xmas Dolly - Please don't remind me that summer vacation is coming on so fast. I may go hyperventilate now. ;)

    @Liza - we definitely did!

  • amber_mtmc

    Oh, I love the picture of you!! Pollen? My sinuses are already acting up and we have minute amounts of pollen!! Uck!!

  • Anonymous

    I want to get out on a boat!!

  • Janine

    It looks like an amazing day...great pic of you in the hat! Your kids are crazy cute, yes, but so is Mama! What a fun day!

  • Cheryl

    LOVE that pic of you in the hat!

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